Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell. Edward Abbey

28 November 2002

Mielie impaled himself on a devil's fork fence last night. He's survived and is recovering in hospital. But he gave us one big skrik, that's for sure. My boy Mielie - an African cat of wonderI wonder why suburban South Africans need to fight crime with a devil's fork fence - such bad feng shui anyway! If you have to put up barriers, then build walls that don't hurt animals. Or better still, install an alarm dammit! Cross. Very, very, cross I am. Had to pay a fee to drive on a toll road this morning. It got me to the vet fast, but it made this socialist heart very, very sore to have to pay to travel on god-given roads, in a god-given land and on mother earth, mother afrika.

How dare they bomb the sacred continent. Leave Africa alone whoever you are. Leave us out of your fights. We are members of the non-aligned movement. My thoughts are with Kenya at this time. See:

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