Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell. Edward Abbey

07 November 2002

You have to have a presence in order to receive presents. If you're at the point of pre-science you are on a precipice. Only abseiling will do.

TODAY'S TRIBUTE: Another great African who was denied the opportunity to play a role in changing the fortunes of the continent he so loved. Angolan poet and doctor Agostino Neto's main wish was to save lives and see his people receive health services. He later become independent Angola's first president and despite his best efforts to normalise his country Western interests saw to it that he didn't succeed. Just one example is the dispute with Zaire over the region of Katanga (originally part of Angola) got in the way of progress. The then Zaire under the infamous Mobutu and allies — including the US, France, Belgium and Morocco — promptly intervened and caused havoc in northern Angola in order to ensure that the mineral wealth of the region would come their way. To this day blood diamonds are still being mined in the region. Jonas Savimbi and co saw to the destruction of the rest of the country. But that is now history. Angola is still on her knees, but peace has finally come to the shattered country. Let's pray it lasts.


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