Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell. Edward Abbey

11 December 2002

I came across an article on the international response (or lack thereof) to the genocide in Rwanda in mid-1994. It was bizarre how everyone (the UN, the US, Belgium) that held enough power to change the situation chose instead to fiddle while the country burned. The man in charge of the UN peacekeeping force in Rwanda at the time was Romeo Dallaire. He has said time and time again that if he had been sent reinforcements they could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives. (Read his book: Shake Hands with the Devil - The Failure of Humanity in Rwanda) Instead he and his men witnessed the massacres in which 800 000 people died in a period of three months.

On a more positive note, my hero for today.

TODAY'S TRIBUTE: Although not an African, Romeo Dallaire of Canada is someone who truly loves the continent. He tried to put a stop to the Rwanda massacres and although he was blocked at every point, he kept trying. Today he lives with the torment. We in Africa salute you comrade Dallaire. Your memory lives on. Aluta Continua

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