Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell. Edward Abbey

11 April 2003 may be excited about google's purchase of Pyra Labs (see quote below), but I am not. In fact I'm very worried indeed. Blogging is the last outpost for real freedom of speech on the web. And just as we (freedom fighters) reach a critical mass, I see the powers that control the rest of the web come clamping down on us. Well I'm going to push my luck for as long as possible AND BE AS OUTSPOKEN AS POSSIBLE. Watch this space ....


"Big news: Yes folks, it's true. As you may have read, Blogger's parent company, Pyra Labs, was purchased by Google. This should only mean good things for Blogger users. No immediate changes will take place, except we're working furiously to get more servers in place to handle the extra load this news has caused. Stay tuned."

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