Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell. Edward Abbey

09 December 2005

16 Days of Activism Against Women and Child Abuse

We are nearing the end of our 16 days of activism. Has it made a difference? Women can play golf as long as they don't complain and are not negative about men.

10 November 2005

France, the birthplace of revolution ... again?

I am watching with awe the events unfolding in Paris and wondering if this is the start of the end of the industrial age.

They say that when the roman empire crumbled, few people living at the time even realised it. Perhaps this is true today as well. We are carrying on with our day to day lives, but all around us are signs of the coming chaos. I can't wait. Finally our assault on the earth will come to an end.

The piece below is taken from an anarchists' newsletter and pertains to the events in gay Paris:

Several days ago the State was declaring illegal the Marseille transport strike. The 8th of november it declares emerrgency state. Faced with the claims of the employees, faced with the anger of the populations of the suburbs, the State does not worry to satisfy the legitimate aspirations of the workers and young people, it defends capitalism. When nobody no longer believes in the promises of the politicians and the lies of the media, when the bludgeons and the prisons are insufficient to maintain the order of the merchants of misery and death, when all that is not enough, then the spectre of Fascism draws itself up.
The masquerade of the the call [*] to vote Chirac in 2002, said to be the rampart against Fascism, finds now its conclusion. What we did not know to do in 2002, to not vote and fight, will be necessary for us to do in 2005."

Are these not the words of a revolution? This is the kind of thing one reads about in "his"tory. The words are the kinds of words used by the sans culottes, the young people leading the Warsaw uprising, the teenagers lashing out against the apartheid state. These are the words of iconoclasts.

"The defense of liberty and human dignity are too important to leave to the politicians. ALL ON STRIKE ! ALL IN THE STREETS ! CNT-AIT 7 rue St Rémésy 31000 Toulouse 05 61 52 86 48 POPULAR GATHERING SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 12TH 3:00 PM, PLACE DU CAPITOL"

My thoughts are with the wonderful people who are changing the world in Paris today. My heart is singing in tune with their marching.

03 November 2005

Israel deploys sonic booms in Gaza

"Israel is deploying a terrifying new tactic against Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip by letting loose deafening "sound bombs" that cause widespread fear, induce miscarriages and traumatise children." The Mail and Guardian reports

These are the same sonic booms that are terrorising whales and dolphins as well as other marine animals in oceans across the planet. The oil companies (god damn them) are using sound to search for natural gas under the ocean floor (since they realise the oil is running dry). These booms are causing whales to beach themselves because their primary method of orientation and communication - ie sound - has been destroyed.

There's something so similar about the tactics and the intention of the sonic booms being used to terrorise the Palestinians and those destroying the oceans.

28 October 2005

National Geographic's squid abuse sequence

There's a much excitement at NatGeo about a sequence of photos - the first ever images of a real, live, wild giant squid.

What sickens me is that the so-called scientists who snapped the images were - for all intents and purposes - abusing this magnificent wild animal and yet NatGeo is glorifying them.

The photos show a giant squid being reeled in on a baited, marine fishing line: See Photo 1 and Photo 2. It was with horror that I looked at: Photo 3 and especially Photo 4. Look at the size and nastiness of that fucking hook! Are these guys nuts or what?

Oh and ... whooops ... sorry, we broke off a tentacle!

"The researchers captured more than 500 photographs of the giant squid before its tentacle broke off and it swam away." I wonder how long that poor animal was kept captive in order to take those 500 shots?

The idiots then retrieved the tentacle as the poor animal escaped their clutches.

What really pisses me off is that this is all seen by society as being okay. All in the interests of good science right? What a load of crap. This endless human desire to explore and "conquer" every corner of the planet (actually universe) and study and dissect every single living creature is despicable. Why can't we just leave the giant squid alone? Let it be!

Let the squid be, all it can be, within itself, without us interpreting its existence through our eyes. It is a sacred being with an existence of its own. WE DON'T OWN IT! DAMMIT, DAMMIT, DAMMIT!

21 October 2005

I have a dream

Who's more dangerous then? Me or ...

(Image copyrighted to SA Tourism)

... or ME?

I see the wallscrumble
I see the pavements crack
The wallscum tumbling down

The trees will mature again
They will reclaim their wilderness
They will sprout through the pavementcracks
We will regain our humanity

In a small town on the edge of a wilderness
A leopard is taking out petdogs
The townspeople gather, baying for its blood
But the car that knocked down the schoolchild keeps speeding

That which is threatening our lives is not the free leopard
It is our thirst for oilenergy
Take out the cars and there'll be less death

12 October 2005

50 million environmental refugees by 2010

The Guardian reports that there will be 50 million people displaced by environmental disasters - such as desertification, decreasing water supplies and rising sea levels - by the end of the decade.

That's just people. Imagine the billions of animals and plants displaced or simply wiped out in this process too.

What most informed and well-educated people with Internet access don't seem to realise, is that this figure will increase until there are 6 billion people displaced by environmental disaster. But hey, as long as you have your air-conditioned, 6-litre, 24-valve, SUV and your bullet-proof, non-shatter, anti-glare windows ... you're all right baby. Just drive over the poor, that way you don't have to deal with them.

10 October 2005

Idiot and his bumper sticker

On my way to work this morning and this idiot in front of me has a bumper sticker that reads "My other toy has tits".

How can you refer to another human being as a toy, let alone the person you supposedly love and care for? I wonder how his girlfriend/wife/partner feels about the bumper sticker?

Anyway, I took a photo of the car just to prove that this idiot and his bumper sticker exist. Unfortunately I was driving at the time and managed to capture a rather blurry shot, but hey, LOOK AT THIS TOSS!

05 October 2005

Polar bears drown as ice recedes

An article titled "Melting Planet" in The Independent Online reports that due to global warming, ice floes are fewer and further apart. The result being that polar bears are unable to swim the vast distances (up to 650 km) between these ice floes and are drowning.

How can you watch Reality Television tonight and live with yourself while this is going on?

The polar bears' habitat is being destroyed and we are worrying about whether or not Brad Pitt's latest romance will survive the onslaught of the tabloids?

This is just one example of the coming chaos. And if you're thinking hey this does not affect me. You're wrong. Once the key species are wiped out, ecosystems will collapse and YOU ARE NEXT humankind! Wake up and save the roses.

Here in southern Africa we await the coming clashes as droughts and changing climate patterns drive the savannah and forests further south. With these ecosystems come millions of mammals - wildebeest, elephants and gazelles. This will force game reserves to move their boundaries. The result will be clashes with millions of other mammals, people!

04 October 2005

Today's Tribute - the figs and vines peace gardeners

It takes special people to change the world. As George Orwell put it, "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act".

Today I pay a slightly belated tribute to the Aldermaston Vine & Fig Tree Planters who told the truth on the 60th anniversary of Hiroshima recently.

In the early hours of Friday 5th August, they planted vines and fig trees inside and outside the Atomic Weapons Establishment at Aldermaston, UK, transforming it into a garden of peace and justice.

The group arrived at dawn, cut a garden gate in the perimeter fence and entered carrying spades, trowels, watering cans, five vines and five fig trees, which they proceeded to plant. Arriving police were offered a choice of grapes, fig rolls, grape juice or wine. Some of the police chose the grapes and then arrested all nine on suspicion of criminal damage to the perimeter fence.

The previous day, Thursday 4th August, gardeners had planted a vine and a fig tree outside the main gate of AWE Aldermaston and informed the authorities of their intention to return and continue the peaceful conversion of the base.

My heroes are: Sr Susan Clarkson (England), Per Herngren (Sweden), Mike Hutchinson (England), Barbara Smedema (Netherlands), Treena Lenthall (Australia), Martin Smedjeback (Sweden), Les Gibbon (England), Lizzie Jones (England), Stephen Hancock (England). The two non-arrested peace planters
are Orla Cunningham (Ireland) and Thomas Helgeson (Sweden).

"On the eve of the 60th anniversary of the bombings of the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, we come to the Atomic Weapons Establishment at Aldermaston, UK, to plant vines and fig trees," they said.

'They shall beat their swords into ploughshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore. Instead, everyone shall sit underneath their vine and fig tree and none shall make them afraid.' (Micah 4:3)

Disarmament, economic conversion and nonviolence are vital ingredients for creating a just world in which everyone enjoys the earth's abundance. See:

13 September 2005

SA inventor introduces anti-rape device

- A woman is raped every 26 seconds in South Africa
- A woman is killed every 6 days by her intimate male partner in South Africa
- A child is abused every 8 minutes in SA
- A child is raped every 24 minutes in SA
- A child is assaulted every 14 minutes in SA
- 85-90% of perpetrators are known to the child.
- 1 in 4 girls & 1 in 5 boys under 16 yrs have been sexually abused.
- 1/2 of 26 000 Johannesburg high school students interviewed believe that forced sex is not sexual violence
- In one SA township- all girls (mean age 16.4 yrs) had had sexual intercourse. 1/3 said their 1st experience was rape or forced sex. 2/3 teens said they'd experienced sex against their will.
- The rape graph rises sharply from 3 to 25 year old girls and peaks at girls age 8 to 11 years.

The RAPEX anti-rape device is being introduced in SA. I listened to an interview with the "inventor" of this device on a radio show yesterday morning, and I was horrified that we've come to this. The rape and abuse situation in my beloved country is insane.

The woman who invented the device was talking about how affordable it is and how it can be bought in packs of 10 or 20 to be worn daily. "Just pop it in before you catch the train," she said. She went on to describe how she is working on a new rape-prevention device for children and babies as well. "Don't worry she added, it will not require insertion, it is going to work very differently to the Rapex device." That's when I realised nothing in this world makes sense anymore. NOTHING.

We have to change the way the world operates. The fact that we "need" such devices in the first place is the actual problem.

Sad and angry in Tshwane

06 September 2005

No end to our stupidity

Building a city of half-a-million people in the flood plain of an enormous river is stupid! Okay, okay, we'll forgive ourselves for doing it once. But when nature reclaims it - as Hurricane Katrina has done with New Orleans - and then we start rebuilding it on that same flood plain, BELOW SEA LEVEL, we're just behaving like morons.

Hey I have an idea! Let's not rebuild New Orleans! Now's the perfect time to abandon what is an unviable living space for humans. Today New Orleans is a "ghost town". It's the perfect opportunity to leave it that way! Let's allow the Mississippi River to reclaim her delta.

Well I think it's good idea, and at least that way we can be sure human lives won't be at risk again the next time one of these globalwarminginduced gianthurricanes hits.

Oh, wait a minute I forgot. We can't do that. The "price" is too high. (The cost of human lives is secondary to the monetary costs of not rebuilding New Orleans.) After all, this alluvial flood plain is an industrial hub, and a major US port located close to the Gulf of Mexico with many oil rigs lying just offshore.

Energy companies with regional headquarters in the city, include BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, and Royal Dutch Shell. About 5,000 ships from nearly 60 nations dock at the Port of New Orleans annually. (Source: MSN Encarta)

So guess what? Money is more important than lives. New Orleans will be rebuilt. People will move back into the city. They will risk their lives once again in order to scrape out some sort of meagre existence in The Matrix.

Welcome to the 2005 Atlantic Hurricane Season.

Few reporters have the balls to say it, but one of the main reasons New Orleans is so vulnerable to hurricanes is the gradual disappearance of wetlands on the Gulf Coast. These wetlands acted as a natural buffer between the land and the storms. The Chicago Tribune's Molly Ivins says it so well: "More than a century's interference with the natural flow of the Mississippi is the root cause of the problem ... there are long term consequences to letting the Corps of Engineers try to build a better river than God."

30 August 2005

Creative Commons for anarchists?

I agree with Jeff Vail in that I don't want a Creative Commons licence on this site. I don't want to own my words or the content. I want it distributed and shared as widely and freelly as possible. This obsession with ownership that we humans have is what's destroying us. We need to learn to share, focus on community and look after each other, instead of just looking out for number one.

I learned a big lesson about such things this weekend, when I learned that a big chunk of what I thought was "our property" is not. It's a beautiful piece of wild veld that I thought I could protect, by owning it. But that's not the way it works anyway. I know that in my heart.

Numbers, numbers. Our world is obsessed with numbers and measurements. Sifuna zonke! That's why we're so screwed in the head. Numbers are more important than people, animals, trees and the survival of the earth. If we destroy her, we destroy ourselves. We are destroying her and therefore our children will have nowhere left to live. So we are effectively destroying ourselves.

ps Katrina is a child of the planet, she is an embodiment of nature fighting back, trying to reclaim what's rightfully hers ... or ... for the reactionary (aka arnold de governator swartzenegger) version see weatherwars website for an alternative explanation.

26 August 2005

Do you have to see a tiger to save it?

I had the privilege of meeting Surita Narain in person some years ago, and she made a huge impression on me. In those days her website was open source and free to view. She and a small team of committed environmentalists were taking on The Machine.

Originally uploaded by KiMbali.

I read today that she has been invited to join an organisation fighting to save the tiger (wild tiger that is!!!). Anyway, the "conservationists" involved were horrified when they heard she had never seen a wild tiger and therefore questioned her credentials in terms of being capable of helping save the species.

Sunita writes:

"She has never seen a tiger": this is how some conservationists questioned my credentials to chair the tiger task force when it was set up three months ago. It did not surprise me. Cola, pesticide or diesel car-making companies reacted precisely like this to our work. Discredit the messenger and hope the message also gets dismissed.

But it did worry me. Here were people we work with. Saving the tiger is surely common to all environmentalists. So, was it really so important for me to have seen a tiger to have the expertise for what could be done to safeguard it? Why did I need to prove my 'loyalty'? After all, this was not the fanaticism of religious extremism or the jingoism of right-wing nationalism. Was it?"

I can identify with this. Especially regarding my experiences as a science writer. When interviewing a scientist, I am often asked, "but how can you write about science if you have no scientific qualification?". I always answer that it allows me to write better, because I come from a point of no knowledge of a subject. This allows me to explore it from all angles, not only the scientific.

This has also shaped my beliefs as they stand today. Science is not only the preserve of scientists, because science impacts the lives of each and every one of us - person, tree, beetle, frog and sea. Fellow anarchist Bertrand Russell puts it so well when he says:

"Science as the pursuit of truth is the equal, but not the superior of art."

And then there's Einstein: "Science can only ascertain what is, but not what should be, and outside of its domain value judgements of all kinds remain necessary."

01 August 2005

Endocrine disrupters

Feeling slowtoday
Pulling this endocrinedisrupted body fromthebed
Got some plastic
Got some dioxin

Feeling lowtoday
Hiding from this destructiveculture
Got Hollywoodstars
Got swollencollagenlips

Did you ask the cow if you may inject its collagen into your lips?

Watching DesperateHousewives
Means I don't think about the desperatewildlife
Got some darts
Got some guns

Aah no, can'tcopewiththis
Let me just switch on nationalgeographic and pretend allswell
Lifeonearth is dying

*Endocrine disrupters are ietsiebietsie, teenyweeny little chemicals, herbicides, pesticides etc splattered all over the planet. They are "increasingly associated" with birth defects in teenyweeny, little humans. Oh and by the way, they are also associated with the feminisation of several species of frog and fish, reproductive disruption in salamanders and oysters, abnormalities in arctic seals, walrusses and polar bears, in whales, turtles, alligators and not to mention what they are "possibly" doing to invertebrates everywhere. Insects, mollusks, lobsters .... oh god do I need to spell this out? We are fucking up the planet dear friends!

Cleaning products are increasingly suspected as being a key source of endocrine disrupters in the environment!

Are my animal friends happy?

Can a committed eco-anarchist love and respect animal friends and at the same time believe that all animals should be wild and free? Are my "pets" free?

My dog friends are my teachers. Jupiter teaches me to live in the present moment at all times. Tsepe teaches me to be wise and regal. Peppa teaches me the importance of acceptance and community. My cat friends set examples that we as humans can only strive to mimic. Sakkee teaches me that we can love each other, even from a distance, because he and I are one. Sakkee only kills for food. He always eats the animals he catches, every last scrap including bones. Mielie is love. He reminds me that the whole of earth is one. (He doesn't kill or harm the birds, mice, lizards etc that he catches? Mielie has never killed or hurt an animal that he has caught.)

I can no longer comfortably view animals in a zoo. Even animals behind fences in large nature reserves are not free. So, are my household friends - my "pets" as some would call them - free? Are they happy? Do they want to return to the wild?

I have asked them and they always seem to be saying that they are happy and proceed to ask "when's the next meal?" But sometimes I'm unsure about this. I know I'm not happy in chains. I know I want to return to the wild. I know I want to be free.

The ideal world seems to be one in which all plants and animals are free and wild. But as long as the destruction surges forth and extinctions occur daily this is all just asilly pipedream.

22 July 2005

School Reunions

From matters of planetary destruction to matters of a more personal nature. Do you or don't you attend your 20-year school reunion? It shouldn't be an issue right? Wrong. Umm right. Your school years are behind you. All that nonsense should be dealt with by now. I think it is, but what if it's not?

And then there's seeing how your schoolfriends have aged, what they've done with their lives, what is considered achievement and what is considered failure. And most important of all ... who put on weight!

I think I'll decide later, once I've calculated how many kgs I can lose bewtween now and October!

12 July 2005

The future-eaters

Have been reading about the effect that the arrival of Europeans in Australia had on a fragile Land. Homo Destructus is having the same effect on the planet today. We are the exterminator species. We are devouring our own existence. We are destroying our own future. We must be stopped.

21 June 2005

Winter solstice and the wage slave

Originally uploaded by KiMbali.
This is the view of the solsticesun from mydaycage
Many officeworkers in mybuilding have NOWINDOWATALL
I can feel her heat bearing down on my winterback, typing furiously
It's midwinter
The time of lowestenergy in the south
Strengthbuilding, renewal
Preparing for the rite of spring

Bloggers beware - know your rights

Freedom of speech is the foundation of a functional community. The blogging community is under threat as Internet bullies start using the law to shut us up. Listed below are important resources that every blogger, especially those raising controversial issues should know about:
"Legal Guide for Bloggers," (FAQs designed to help you understand your rights and, if necessary, defend your freedom):
Legal Guide for Bloggers
Fighting for Bloggers' Rights
Justice for Bloggers

14 June 2005

ansisters, ancestors, creativity and power

Today's post is a tribute:
The FACE project aims to equip women to find and establish their authentic power through a creative journey that has, as a point of departure, the theme of Ansisters.

This is a team of people doing something about the scourge of women and child abuse. When the law has failed to protect you and society no longer cares, then you have to take things into your own hands. Strengthen that process by standing together as women, as mothers, as sisters. Invite your willing brothers. Add to that an exploration of creativity, harness the powers of your foremothers and reach for the new day when women and children can be free.

Earth knows we need this kind of action. Three policemen have received life sentences for raping a woman who came to them for help. But now, finally, the state is being taken to task in this case as well:

"Rape by cops: State loses court case
The Constitutional Court ruling on Monday that the Minister of Safety and Security was liable for the rape of a woman by three policemen was "extremely positive", the attorney for the rape victim said on Monday. The court said the policemen bore a statutory and constitutional duty to prevent crime and protect the members of the public -- a duty which also rested on their employer."

I salute the young woman who is going through this hell to fight the people and the system that treat her with contempt. She is fighting back, she is making a stand. Young, brave woman I admire you and I am with you in spirit. Kudos to the Women's Legal Centre which is assisting her in her fight.

Anyway, to bring it back to the Ansisters project, this is the only way to fight abuse and coercion. If we as women stand together, speak out and fight back. Then and only then can we start to change the world. And what better way to fight than by channeling our creative energies into building a new world where everyone is respected irrespective of age, gender, species, skin colour, sexual orientation, lifestyle, class, social status, religious belief or lack of religious belief etc etc ...

06 June 2005

Weekend of Resistance coming up

In support of someone far braver than I, here's a tribute to Free, also known as Jeff Luers who has been sentenced to 22 years in jail for trying to save the planet. Read more about this hero of the struggle.

01 June 2005

Spiritual Ecology

The San are spiritual ecologists. Can I be a practicing spiritual ecologist on a 1300 square metre patch of land, which is surrounded by a burgeoning metropolis (Gauteng)? I don't know yet, but as the deal to buy our new home proceeds, I am excited at the prospects.
Aapstert bobbejaanstert monkey tail
I know I'll never truly own the land, I don't want to. But just knowing that this small corner of the universe cannot be touched by developers makes my heart sing.

Our piece of the rocky ridge is home to clusters of baboon tail, as well as an old rock-splitter fig tree. At least I know that these sacred plants will remain, for as long as we live there.

Saying goodbye to our old home is difficult but I have started letting go. I will miss the frogs, spiders, geckos and trees that share our home. I do believe the buyers are suited to respecting these wonderful friends with whom I have spent the past couple of years.

30 May 2005

No limit to our stupidity

How many reports must be produced before we do something about the destruction of our childrens' home? Every time I look up I see another study concluding that hey ... surprise, surprise the earth is dying.

I know, I know, it's so much easier to just switch on the TV set and wish it all away, but this time, there's no escape.

17 May 2005

Above nature and destined to rule

How can the white man be above nature and destined to rule? Can you survive without water white man? How can you be above something you can't survive without?

Watch the movie (it's free): Great Lie (2004) Death toll of the American Dream (27 min) at

Why is it that our society rewards assholes? Competition is worshipped, cooperation frowned upon.
"Only when the last tree has been cut down,
only when the last river has been poisoned,
only when the last fish has been caught,
only then will you learn that money cannot be eaten."
Plains Sioux

Building a community

Buying a new house versus building a community.

"Crimes are what the state defines as crimes. Trespassing is a crime, but interrupting is not, and we therefore have two entirely different ways of handling them--which people in tribal societies do not. Whatever the trouble is, whether it's bad manners or murder, they handle it themselves, the way you handle the interrupter. Evoking the power of the state isn't an option for them, because they have no state. In tribal societies, crime simply doesn't exist as a separate category of human behavior."

The Story of B

Other behaviours that are frowned upon and hence do not occur that much in tribal communities include: selfishness, coercion, abuse of power and all the other nasties that are common to our everyday lives in the overdeveloped, consumer-obsessed world.

25 January 2005

Capturing the free

I set out on my daily walk in the veld yesterday, digicam in hand, with the aim of seeing how many "free", wild individuals I could capture in pixels. The answer is two.

At first I had little luck, finding only a group of red hartebees in the distance and some grazing wildebeest closer by. But they were on "the other side of the fence", inside the nature reserve. They are not truly free. So I asked Zepteppe to help me find someone who is truly free. She was trying to be very helpful and headed off, nose to the ground, in the direction of the hedgehog mound. But I felt bad disturbing them and although Zepteppe and Jupiter don't harm them, they do tend to dig open the entrance to their burrow and upset the family when extracting individual hedgehogs to bring to show me. (It's not something I encourage, just something that has happened in the past. Besides the pointer sisters are gundogs, it's in their nature to retrieve - but not harm.) Anyway, I suggested to the sisters that we look for someone else.

As we set off again, the air started buzzing. That's when I noticed my first subject - a bird of prey, circling effortlessly in the distance. The day had been a hot one and she was able to glide on the updrafts. She came close and closer and as I lifted the camera skywards, she flew directly overhead. I managed to snap her image. But she was distracted, I think she was hungry and had little time for me. But she definitely made an effort to come my way during her circling flights. And then she left.

Later on I snapped the second free individual. She was part of a large group. An uber-squadron of dragonflies gathered around me, droning as they hung in the air. They seemed curious and playful. My brain kept telling me they were drawn to the glinting lens of the camera, but collectively the cells of my body told a different story. We (the dragonflies and I) were laughing together, enjoying the breeze and the sunshine after several days of glorious rain.

Capturing the free

They were playing with me. We were happy and free. They were golden in colour and the late afternoon light in humid air just added to their brilliance. Hulle het geskitter. The blue sky and the green grass added to the rainbow.

They kept coming back for more hanging around me, hovering just above my head and slightly in front of me, making sure they were highly visible to me, but just out of reach. I did not have to turn and follow them, they kept coming to me. They would fly off and then return. Never going too far away. There was laughter in the air. Dragonfly laughter. Divine laughter.

The dogs enjoyed the moment too but got bored eventually and wanted to move along. I could have stayed forever, but I had an engagement and had to pull myself away.

I read today that dragonflies' eyes glow not only when alive but continue to do so for a few hours after they die. Not sure if that's true, but they certainly are spectacular people.

The adventures of Kim and the free world continue. Did anyone read Arundhati Roy's latest diatribe?

Capturing the free

"How can you buy and sell the sky, the warmth of the land? The idea is strange to us. Every part of this earth is sacred to my people." Chief Seattle

12 January 2005

art versus science quote

"Science as the pursuit of truth is the equal, but not the superior of art." - Bertrand Russell

Let's take it further. Science as the pursuit of truth is the equal, but not the superior of daily life, community, relationship, meditation, dogs, gardening or art.

How to boil an egg in a microwave

Don't do it. Just don't do it. Take my word for it. Pricking the egg with a pin beforehand does not help! Sanlie at work asked me whether I thought it safe to boil an egg in a microwave. I said sure go ahead, as long as you make a small hole in the shell with a pin. We did so and needless to say the egg exploded ... everywhere. So, dear fellow ovo-lacto-vegetarians, the tried and tested method of boiling it in water on the stove is still the best. Or, boiling it over a wood fire in an isolated campsite in the middle of the Kalahari is even better still.

We tend to take what others say as truth without trying it ourselves. I confidently believed it was okay to boil an egg in a micro, not because I'd done it myself, but simply because someone somewhere said it was okay. HAH just goes to show there's nothing like first hand experience.

07 January 2005

The Gutteral Toads dam band

The Gutteral Toads dam band

Lead singer in the backyard band, crosses the lawn en route to escaping
the hot African sun. Maybe to catch a nap and prepare for the night's
performance? He is just one of the gutteral toads with whom I share my
home. Wow, and are they noisy at night, at the height of summer? I look
forward to the day when such wonderful animals once again move freely
across the veld without having to cross roads carrying roaring trucks,
speeding BMWs and concrete walls. Roll on peak oil (

The coming anarchy?

Is Robert Kaplan's vision of the future, as laid out in 1994 in his book The Coming Anarchy, being realised?

"In Sierra Leone, as in Guinea, as in the Ivory Coast, as in Ghana, most of the primary rain forest and the secondary bush is being destroyed at an alarming rate. I saw convoys of trucks bearing majestic hardwood trunks to coastal ports. When Sierra Leone achieved its independence, in 1961, as much as 60 percent of the country was primary rain forest. Now six percent is."

His premonition is of a "crumbling" West Africa disolving into criminal anarchy, with gangs of poverty stricken urban youths running amock. He sees this as a microcosm for the rest of the world. His ideas may be compelling, considering what's happened in Sierra Leone recently, but I can hardly agree with him. As a proud African I can only believe that Mbeki and Nepad's vision of an African Renaissance will be realised and from our continent of rebirth and regeneration we will quietly watch western civilisation turn to dust.

Africa remains the only continent still in touch with the spirit world (perhaps with the exception of Antarctica) and I do believe that will be our saving grace. We are the one's who will survive the coming anarchy, not the West! The elephants will once again roam free.

Another hot day, another beautiful storm

Originally uploaded by KiMbali.
How I love storms. They make me feel alive. When a hot January day starts off being unbearable and muggy, that's when you know there will be a a storm brewing later in the day. All day long the heat presses down on you like a clamp. But then a breeze will come up and the trees begin to stir. The light changes. The clouds creep over, the sky closes in upon itself, lightning in the distance .... and suddenly .... a bolt of thunder. CRASH. The rain smashes down. Streams of mud. Then it's all over. The sky clears as the sun goes down. The veld comes alive with sounds, smells and hedgehogs.

06 January 2005

A new year and more destruction, distraction and less interaction. Society crumbles. I feel so humble. But how can we stop the machine, as it rumbles across the jungle? There is no more jungle, just a little in the corner there. Oh let's mow it down too. Goodbye Gabon.