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12 January 2005

How to boil an egg in a microwave

Don't do it. Just don't do it. Take my word for it. Pricking the egg with a pin beforehand does not help! Sanlie at work asked me whether I thought it safe to boil an egg in a microwave. I said sure go ahead, as long as you make a small hole in the shell with a pin. We did so and needless to say the egg exploded ... everywhere. So, dear fellow ovo-lacto-vegetarians, the tried and tested method of boiling it in water on the stove is still the best. Or, boiling it over a wood fire in an isolated campsite in the middle of the Kalahari is even better still.

We tend to take what others say as truth without trying it ourselves. I confidently believed it was okay to boil an egg in a micro, not because I'd done it myself, but simply because someone somewhere said it was okay. HAH just goes to show there's nothing like first hand experience.

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