Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell. Edward Abbey

21 June 2005

Winter solstice and the wage slave

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This is the view of the solsticesun from mydaycage
Many officeworkers in mybuilding have NOWINDOWATALL
I can feel her heat bearing down on my winterback, typing furiously
It's midwinter
The time of lowestenergy in the south
Strengthbuilding, renewal
Preparing for the rite of spring

Bloggers beware - know your rights

Freedom of speech is the foundation of a functional community. The blogging community is under threat as Internet bullies start using the law to shut us up. Listed below are important resources that every blogger, especially those raising controversial issues should know about:
"Legal Guide for Bloggers," (FAQs designed to help you understand your rights and, if necessary, defend your freedom):
Legal Guide for Bloggers
Fighting for Bloggers' Rights
Justice for Bloggers

14 June 2005

ansisters, ancestors, creativity and power

Today's post is a tribute:
The FACE project aims to equip women to find and establish their authentic power through a creative journey that has, as a point of departure, the theme of Ansisters.

This is a team of people doing something about the scourge of women and child abuse. When the law has failed to protect you and society no longer cares, then you have to take things into your own hands. Strengthen that process by standing together as women, as mothers, as sisters. Invite your willing brothers. Add to that an exploration of creativity, harness the powers of your foremothers and reach for the new day when women and children can be free.

Earth knows we need this kind of action. Three policemen have received life sentences for raping a woman who came to them for help. But now, finally, the state is being taken to task in this case as well:

"Rape by cops: State loses court case
The Constitutional Court ruling on Monday that the Minister of Safety and Security was liable for the rape of a woman by three policemen was "extremely positive", the attorney for the rape victim said on Monday. The court said the policemen bore a statutory and constitutional duty to prevent crime and protect the members of the public -- a duty which also rested on their employer."

I salute the young woman who is going through this hell to fight the people and the system that treat her with contempt. She is fighting back, she is making a stand. Young, brave woman I admire you and I am with you in spirit. Kudos to the Women's Legal Centre which is assisting her in her fight.

Anyway, to bring it back to the Ansisters project, this is the only way to fight abuse and coercion. If we as women stand together, speak out and fight back. Then and only then can we start to change the world. And what better way to fight than by channeling our creative energies into building a new world where everyone is respected irrespective of age, gender, species, skin colour, sexual orientation, lifestyle, class, social status, religious belief or lack of religious belief etc etc ...

06 June 2005

Weekend of Resistance coming up

In support of someone far braver than I, here's a tribute to Free, also known as Jeff Luers who has been sentenced to 22 years in jail for trying to save the planet. Read more about this hero of the struggle.

01 June 2005

Spiritual Ecology

The San are spiritual ecologists. Can I be a practicing spiritual ecologist on a 1300 square metre patch of land, which is surrounded by a burgeoning metropolis (Gauteng)? I don't know yet, but as the deal to buy our new home proceeds, I am excited at the prospects.
Aapstert bobbejaanstert monkey tail
I know I'll never truly own the land, I don't want to. But just knowing that this small corner of the universe cannot be touched by developers makes my heart sing.

Our piece of the rocky ridge is home to clusters of baboon tail, as well as an old rock-splitter fig tree. At least I know that these sacred plants will remain, for as long as we live there.

Saying goodbye to our old home is difficult but I have started letting go. I will miss the frogs, spiders, geckos and trees that share our home. I do believe the buyers are suited to respecting these wonderful friends with whom I have spent the past couple of years.