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01 June 2005

Spiritual Ecology

The San are spiritual ecologists. Can I be a practicing spiritual ecologist on a 1300 square metre patch of land, which is surrounded by a burgeoning metropolis (Gauteng)? I don't know yet, but as the deal to buy our new home proceeds, I am excited at the prospects.
Aapstert bobbejaanstert monkey tail
I know I'll never truly own the land, I don't want to. But just knowing that this small corner of the universe cannot be touched by developers makes my heart sing.

Our piece of the rocky ridge is home to clusters of baboon tail, as well as an old rock-splitter fig tree. At least I know that these sacred plants will remain, for as long as we live there.

Saying goodbye to our old home is difficult but I have started letting go. I will miss the frogs, spiders, geckos and trees that share our home. I do believe the buyers are suited to respecting these wonderful friends with whom I have spent the past couple of years.

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