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01 August 2005

Are my animal friends happy?

Can a committed eco-anarchist love and respect animal friends and at the same time believe that all animals should be wild and free? Are my "pets" free?

My dog friends are my teachers. Jupiter teaches me to live in the present moment at all times. Tsepe teaches me to be wise and regal. Peppa teaches me the importance of acceptance and community. My cat friends set examples that we as humans can only strive to mimic. Sakkee teaches me that we can love each other, even from a distance, because he and I are one. Sakkee only kills for food. He always eats the animals he catches, every last scrap including bones. Mielie is love. He reminds me that the whole of earth is one. (He doesn't kill or harm the birds, mice, lizards etc that he catches? Mielie has never killed or hurt an animal that he has caught.)

I can no longer comfortably view animals in a zoo. Even animals behind fences in large nature reserves are not free. So, are my household friends - my "pets" as some would call them - free? Are they happy? Do they want to return to the wild?

I have asked them and they always seem to be saying that they are happy and proceed to ask "when's the next meal?" But sometimes I'm unsure about this. I know I'm not happy in chains. I know I want to return to the wild. I know I want to be free.

The ideal world seems to be one in which all plants and animals are free and wild. But as long as the destruction surges forth and extinctions occur daily this is all just asilly pipedream.

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