Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell. Edward Abbey

30 August 2005

Creative Commons for anarchists?

I agree with Jeff Vail in that I don't want a Creative Commons licence on this site. I don't want to own my words or the content. I want it distributed and shared as widely and freelly as possible. This obsession with ownership that we humans have is what's destroying us. We need to learn to share, focus on community and look after each other, instead of just looking out for number one.

I learned a big lesson about such things this weekend, when I learned that a big chunk of what I thought was "our property" is not. It's a beautiful piece of wild veld that I thought I could protect, by owning it. But that's not the way it works anyway. I know that in my heart.

Numbers, numbers. Our world is obsessed with numbers and measurements. Sifuna zonke! That's why we're so screwed in the head. Numbers are more important than people, animals, trees and the survival of the earth. If we destroy her, we destroy ourselves. We are destroying her and therefore our children will have nowhere left to live. So we are effectively destroying ourselves.

ps Katrina is a child of the planet, she is an embodiment of nature fighting back, trying to reclaim what's rightfully hers ... or ... for the reactionary (aka arnold de governator swartzenegger) version see weatherwars website for an alternative explanation.

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