Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell. Edward Abbey

01 August 2005

Endocrine disrupters

Feeling slowtoday
Pulling this endocrinedisrupted body fromthebed
Got some plastic
Got some dioxin

Feeling lowtoday
Hiding from this destructiveculture
Got Hollywoodstars
Got swollencollagenlips

Did you ask the cow if you may inject its collagen into your lips?

Watching DesperateHousewives
Means I don't think about the desperatewildlife
Got some darts
Got some guns

Aah no, can'tcopewiththis
Let me just switch on nationalgeographic and pretend allswell
Lifeonearth is dying

*Endocrine disrupters are ietsiebietsie, teenyweeny little chemicals, herbicides, pesticides etc splattered all over the planet. They are "increasingly associated" with birth defects in teenyweeny, little humans. Oh and by the way, they are also associated with the feminisation of several species of frog and fish, reproductive disruption in salamanders and oysters, abnormalities in arctic seals, walrusses and polar bears, in whales, turtles, alligators and not to mention what they are "possibly" doing to invertebrates everywhere. Insects, mollusks, lobsters .... oh god do I need to spell this out? We are fucking up the planet dear friends!

Cleaning products are increasingly suspected as being a key source of endocrine disrupters in the environment!

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