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28 October 2005

National Geographic's squid abuse sequence

There's a much excitement at NatGeo about a sequence of photos - the first ever images of a real, live, wild giant squid.

What sickens me is that the so-called scientists who snapped the images were - for all intents and purposes - abusing this magnificent wild animal and yet NatGeo is glorifying them.

The photos show a giant squid being reeled in on a baited, marine fishing line: See Photo 1 and Photo 2. It was with horror that I looked at: Photo 3 and especially Photo 4. Look at the size and nastiness of that fucking hook! Are these guys nuts or what?

Oh and ... whooops ... sorry, we broke off a tentacle!

"The researchers captured more than 500 photographs of the giant squid before its tentacle broke off and it swam away." I wonder how long that poor animal was kept captive in order to take those 500 shots?

The idiots then retrieved the tentacle as the poor animal escaped their clutches.

What really pisses me off is that this is all seen by society as being okay. All in the interests of good science right? What a load of crap. This endless human desire to explore and "conquer" every corner of the planet (actually universe) and study and dissect every single living creature is despicable. Why can't we just leave the giant squid alone? Let it be!

Let the squid be, all it can be, within itself, without us interpreting its existence through our eyes. It is a sacred being with an existence of its own. WE DON'T OWN IT! DAMMIT, DAMMIT, DAMMIT!

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