Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell. Edward Abbey

05 October 2005

Polar bears drown as ice recedes

An article titled "Melting Planet" in The Independent Online reports that due to global warming, ice floes are fewer and further apart. The result being that polar bears are unable to swim the vast distances (up to 650 km) between these ice floes and are drowning.

How can you watch Reality Television tonight and live with yourself while this is going on?

The polar bears' habitat is being destroyed and we are worrying about whether or not Brad Pitt's latest romance will survive the onslaught of the tabloids?

This is just one example of the coming chaos. And if you're thinking hey this does not affect me. You're wrong. Once the key species are wiped out, ecosystems will collapse and YOU ARE NEXT humankind! Wake up and save the roses.

Here in southern Africa we await the coming clashes as droughts and changing climate patterns drive the savannah and forests further south. With these ecosystems come millions of mammals - wildebeest, elephants and gazelles. This will force game reserves to move their boundaries. The result will be clashes with millions of other mammals, people!

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