Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell. Edward Abbey

10 November 2005

France, the birthplace of revolution ... again?

I am watching with awe the events unfolding in Paris and wondering if this is the start of the end of the industrial age.

They say that when the roman empire crumbled, few people living at the time even realised it. Perhaps this is true today as well. We are carrying on with our day to day lives, but all around us are signs of the coming chaos. I can't wait. Finally our assault on the earth will come to an end.

The piece below is taken from an anarchists' newsletter and pertains to the events in gay Paris:

Several days ago the State was declaring illegal the Marseille transport strike. The 8th of november it declares emerrgency state. Faced with the claims of the employees, faced with the anger of the populations of the suburbs, the State does not worry to satisfy the legitimate aspirations of the workers and young people, it defends capitalism. When nobody no longer believes in the promises of the politicians and the lies of the media, when the bludgeons and the prisons are insufficient to maintain the order of the merchants of misery and death, when all that is not enough, then the spectre of Fascism draws itself up.
The masquerade of the the call [*] to vote Chirac in 2002, said to be the rampart against Fascism, finds now its conclusion. What we did not know to do in 2002, to not vote and fight, will be necessary for us to do in 2005."

Are these not the words of a revolution? This is the kind of thing one reads about in "his"tory. The words are the kinds of words used by the sans culottes, the young people leading the Warsaw uprising, the teenagers lashing out against the apartheid state. These are the words of iconoclasts.

"The defense of liberty and human dignity are too important to leave to the politicians. ALL ON STRIKE ! ALL IN THE STREETS ! CNT-AIT 7 rue St Rémésy 31000 Toulouse 05 61 52 86 48 POPULAR GATHERING SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 12TH 3:00 PM, PLACE DU CAPITOL"

My thoughts are with the wonderful people who are changing the world in Paris today. My heart is singing in tune with their marching.

03 November 2005

Israel deploys sonic booms in Gaza

"Israel is deploying a terrifying new tactic against Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip by letting loose deafening "sound bombs" that cause widespread fear, induce miscarriages and traumatise children." The Mail and Guardian reports

These are the same sonic booms that are terrorising whales and dolphins as well as other marine animals in oceans across the planet. The oil companies (god damn them) are using sound to search for natural gas under the ocean floor (since they realise the oil is running dry). These booms are causing whales to beach themselves because their primary method of orientation and communication - ie sound - has been destroyed.

There's something so similar about the tactics and the intention of the sonic booms being used to terrorise the Palestinians and those destroying the oceans.