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03 February 2006

Man keeps lions in suburban yard

I'm so sick and tired of idiots who use and abuse animals for their own sick pleasure. This idiot is keeping two lion cubs in his backyard in Tzaneen.

These poor babies were taken from their mother (herself a prisoner), before they were properly weened and then transported halfway across the country and kept in his yard. I can just picture him boasting to neighbours how he "the BIG MAN" is keeping two "wild lions" in his garden. UGH!

According to conservation officials, the lions came from the "Free" State Province which is renowned for canned lion hunting. This is a process whereby lions are hand-reared in small enclosures on remote "Free" State farms and then shot by rich first world MEN, once they are big enough. After being photographed with their executioners, the lions' heads are chopped off, stuffed and hung on the walls of bars, where rich white men get drunk and joke about genocide.

The time has come to stop the murder, rape and pillaging of women, children, animals and nature. I have had enough and I am ready to do whatever is takes to stop such men!

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