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16 May 2006

For a change ... a tribute

A couple of days ago was the 25th anniversary of Bobby Sands' death in prison, due to a hunger strike. So I have decided to pay tribute to him today.

I remember the distasteful jokes about Bobby Sands being told in the hallways of my snobbish "upperclass" school at the time of his death. I was as a very green, young highschool student in 1981, and at the time, I did not appreaciate what an amazing revolutionary, poet, humanbeing he was.

Bobby Sands joined the Irish Republican Army (IRA) to fight for Irish independence in 1972. He was sent to jail in 1976, elected to Parliament from prison in 1981, and died in a hunger strike a month later. 5 May 2006 was the 25th anniversary of Bobby Sands' death. Read about Sands' life here, and read pages of his prison diary here.

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