Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell. Edward Abbey

23 June 2006

New look for this blog

It was time to revamp. Here's the new look. I really want a 3 column design, so that I could start enhancing the site with useful links to the right. Watch this space.

I'm thinking some links to social justice website, environmental groups, prison support groups etc.

Can't wait!

Wage slave has been given the afternoon off and can't believe it. I'm out of here ...

21 June 2006

Chickens should live for years and years

At a vegetarian dinner table on Sunday evening, a friend was telling me about Tok the chicken who shared her childhood with her. Tok lived for 9 years.

Tok and her siblings were incubated by a mother duck, along with her duckling eggs. When they had all hatched out, mother duck took her youngsters out to swim and her imprinted chickens waddled along too. Needless to say they all drowned ... except Tok, who was rescued and raised by Tania and her sister.

They communicated with Tok, they dressed her up and took her along to visit friends and family. Tok lived a very fulfilled life.

Today, broilers, as we call chickens "raised" for meat, live an average of 6 to 9 weeks in cramped quarters with about 20 000 to 50 000 others.

We subject 46 billion such chickens to this torture, every year. Read more ...

What are we doing to ourselves?

15 June 2006

42 500 die

The Mail and Guardian reports today, that 42 500 people have died since the US invaded Iraq.


I have nothing more to say today.

(Image to the right, of peace protestors, appeared in the M&G's email newsletter today.)