Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell. Edward Abbey

14 July 2006

If you don't embrace the bat - it will come to you

My totem animal popped up again today. I was still sleepy when I got to work this morning and after opening my office, went to the toilets for some soap and paper towel to wipe my desk. As I opened the door to the women's toilet I saw a small, dark - what I thought was a leaf - lying under the door. This little thing had flattened itself and crawled in under the door for protection.

Initially I thought it was a mouse, but when I scooped it up, it spread the most beautiful wings I have ever seen, right across the length of my lower arm. Flimsy, diaphanous, but very real and belonging to someone special.

The little bat was cold to the touch and seemed to be hyperventilating. I immediately took her to my office and switched on the heater. She fell quiet in her box and I settled down to work.

About an hour later I was stirred by a loud flapping sound. I opened a slit in the box and she turned her head towards the opening and tried to escape. Her breathing had normalised and she asked me to please release her. I took her upstairs to the balcony. Had one last look, opened the box and watched in anticipation.

She took a moment and then launched herself. She flew east, she turned west, she orientated herself and flew back over me in a southerly direction. Purposefully, like she knew exactly where she was going.

I was in heaven.

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