Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell. Edward Abbey

24 August 2006

Primate researcher throws in the towel

The constant calls, the people frightening his children, and the demonstrations in front of his home apparently became a little too much. Dario Ringach, an associate neurobiology professor at the University of California at Los Angeles, decided this month to give up his research on primates because of pressure put on him, his neighborhood, and his family by the UCLA Primate Freedom Project, which seeks to stop research that harms animals. Read the article here ...

Visit the UCLA Primate Freedom Project website.

I'll bet the macaques are relieved.

16 August 2006

Scientists urge deep-sea cure for climate change

"BOSTON - Climate change could be slowed by burying greenhouse gases blamed for global warming deep below the ocean floor under thick, cold sediment that would trap it for thousands of years, said a team of Harvard-led scientists." Reuters

BRILLIANT. These harvard scientists are absolute geniuses! I never cease to be amazed at the level of stupidity among this bunch of idiots. We humans cause all these problems and then believe we can bury them for our great grandchildren seven generations from now to deal with. I can just imagine what our children's, children will say about our infinitely destructive generation.

08 August 2006

Is this the legacy of our generation?

More tigers live in captivity in the United States than in the wild in Asia and Russia. Many live in unregulated, substandard sanctuaries, roadside zoos, backyards and even city apartments. Few owners can meet the housing and welfare needs of these animals, putting not only the animals at risk, but neighbors as well.

It is estimated that about 60 tigers are currently being held in captive breeding facilities in South Africa.

Interpol estimates the worldwide illegal trade in wildlife products is worth US$6 to 10 billion dollars annually. Experts say this is second only to the illegal drug trade and is contributing to the current mass extinction crisis.

Stats and image from IFAW:

03 August 2006

Making a living without killing

I'm trying to find ways to pay the rent without directly (or indirectly) destroying the environment. Is it possible to do so when you live in the city?

I mean I could design websites right? Minimal impact, just a little blip on the climate change meter as my computer does after all use electricity from a spewing coal-fired power station. But that would be it. Oh and obviously the clients too would have to have earth-friendly businesses ... and I would have to attend meetings on bicycle?

Then I've been thinking of becoming an animal communication consultant (once I'm more practiced obviously). That would be really low impact. Telepathy is really a zero carbon emission activity. Hey maybe I would even be able to offset my web design carbon emissions. If the G8 can do it, so can I!

Finally, I'm thinking dog training. Just feel I have an instinct for it. When I'm around dogs and people, for example when walking my dogs in the park, I am tuned into two conversations. The words being spoken by people, but also the things that the dogs are saying. There's so much miscommunication between dogs and their owners. And that's true of some of the most loving and committed owners too. I think we're just hardwired differently.

But we do need to make an effort to listen to the animals. If we don't, we will end up destroying their and our world. That goes for plants, trees, rivers and mountains too.