Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell. Edward Abbey

03 August 2006

Making a living without killing

I'm trying to find ways to pay the rent without directly (or indirectly) destroying the environment. Is it possible to do so when you live in the city?

I mean I could design websites right? Minimal impact, just a little blip on the climate change meter as my computer does after all use electricity from a spewing coal-fired power station. But that would be it. Oh and obviously the clients too would have to have earth-friendly businesses ... and I would have to attend meetings on bicycle?

Then I've been thinking of becoming an animal communication consultant (once I'm more practiced obviously). That would be really low impact. Telepathy is really a zero carbon emission activity. Hey maybe I would even be able to offset my web design carbon emissions. If the G8 can do it, so can I!

Finally, I'm thinking dog training. Just feel I have an instinct for it. When I'm around dogs and people, for example when walking my dogs in the park, I am tuned into two conversations. The words being spoken by people, but also the things that the dogs are saying. There's so much miscommunication between dogs and their owners. And that's true of some of the most loving and committed owners too. I think we're just hardwired differently.

But we do need to make an effort to listen to the animals. If we don't, we will end up destroying their and our world. That goes for plants, trees, rivers and mountains too.

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