Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell. Edward Abbey

05 September 2006

Building communities, build community

"The last time the Zambian government built a secondary school was in 1979. So the community of Kachembe took charge. The women fetched sand from the river 2km away and carried it, bucket by bucket, on their heads to the site they had chosen for their school. The men dug the foundations and made the bricks. When it was done, the small room became the place where their children study Tonga, maths, religion, science, social studies and home economics." Caroline Hooper-Box reports.

I just loved this article, because it is about people coming together to build their community. The government is not doing anything, so they did it themselves. If we all (all 6 billion inhabitants of Earth) did this, we would no longer need the governments, we wouldn't have to pay taxes and we wouldn't have to work for their corporations. Viva people of Kachembe, viva!

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