Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell. Edward Abbey

31 October 2006

A Brief History of Cloning

When South Korean scientist Hwang Woo-suk announced the "creation" of Snuppy, the world's first cloned dog, in Nature magazine, he justified his actions by saying that dog clones "could be very valuable in finding technologies useful for curing human diseases".

What a load of crap! We'll swallow anything that promises to cure us of our (often self-inflicted) diseases. We pollute the world and then wonder why cancer rates are soaring!

Then some crackpot tells us that cloning dogs is relevant to our health and we believe him! Heaven help us. We humans are insane.

Anyway, Hwang subsequently started dabbling in human embryos and was later accused of procuring eggs unethically and earlier this year, he was charged with breaching bioethics laws.

Point is, the damage is done!

  • +/-100 AD Humans cultivate banana clones
  • 1963 The first cloned fish, a carp, is born in China.
  • 1986 Masha the cloned mouse is born in Russia.
  • Jul 1996 Dolly the sheep, the world's first mammal cloned from an adult cell is born. Dolly was born after 276 failed attempts ie dead lambs.
  • Dec 1997 WHO kamstig demands ban on cloning humans.
  • Jul 1998 First cloned calves in Japan. Can't even find their names on the web!
  • Dec 1998 Mice are cloned and the first clones of clones are "made".
  • Apr 1999 Yangyang the world's first cloned goat survives after several failed attempts.
  • Mar 2000 Five cloned piglets are born - Millie, Christa, Alexis, Carrel and Dotcom. This started a flurry of work on genetically modified pigs, eg they would be able to create pigs with lots of Omega 3 to feed fat lazy humans with heart problems.
  • Dec 2001 First cloned kitten - CC.
  • Feb 2003 Dolly dies of a common viral disease among sheep kept indoors!
  • May 2003 First cloned mule - Idaho gem is born. Prometea, the first cloned horse is born.
  • Nov 2003 US FDA says meat and milk from clones is safe, but does not yet announce policy to allow human consumption of these poor animals.
  • Apr 2005 Snuppy the cloned Afghan hound is born to a Labrador surrogate mother.
  • Oct 2006 As scientists continue to search for an easy way to mass clone animals, rumours abound that policy approval for the human consumption of meat and milk produced from cloned animals will come.
The naming of cloned animals says a lot about how humans perceive animals and nature ie with utmost disdain and disrespect. Snuppy stands for Seoul National University puppy. The first cloned monkey was named ANDi (inserted DNA spelled backwards). The first cloned cat was Copycat or CC, a name once again that has negative connotations.

The bird flu scare and other so-called threats posed by traditional farming will encourage the masses of the world - who can no longer think for themselves - to look to "better, safer" food supplies from the agricultural-industrial complex. And I can just see the idiot masses of the developed world queueing for their supply of Bush-approved GM cow, sheep and pig meat.

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