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18 October 2006

Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink

I was chatting to Steven this morning. Steven is a gardener and he helps me maintain the tiny little piece of planet for which I am responsible, and which I - and many other wonderful creatures and plants - call home.

Steven wakes up at about 3 in the morning every day, in order to fill up drums of water for the day. His water supply is free and goverment sponsored, but it also erratic. Steven and his family of 8 people rely on water which is switched on at 4am every day and switched off again by 5am.

So he has water for one hour a day and nothing more.

He says the water is literally switched quickly on and off daily. However, when it rains and the water has soaked the ground, then Steven and his community have running water all day. But now, before the summer rains, when it's needed most, there's a shortage!

Steven has a vegetable garden and some fruit trees in order to feed his family. He works 3 days a week in various rich people's gardens, for a tiny salary, but he needs to supplement that by growing his own food. But without sufficient water, a basic human requirement for survival, he can't even grow some food to put on the table.


Britons Must Drink Recycled Sewage
UK: October 18, 2006

LONDON - Britain needs to use more recycled effluent as drinking water if it is to deal with a long-term shortage crisis, a report said on Tuesday. The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) said using treated sewage was one radical suggestion that needed to be pursued if the country was deal with the growing problem.

Read the full article on REUTERS' PlaneArk service ...

This is my child Karoo-bean in a beautiful dam on a farm in Mpumalanga. One wonders if our children 7 generations from now will have access to any clean water whatsoever?

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