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14 December 2006

White Yangtze dolphin declared extinct

The Baiji was yesterday declared functionally extinct. The dolphin could not be found during a 6-week expedition of experts from 6 nations who searched the Yangtze River in vain.

We chose "economic progress" (sic) for China, over the survival of a 20-million-year-old aquatic mammal, whose language we have yet to understand. Now it's too late to even try.

Shipping traffic and the noise of engines messed with the dolphins' sonar and since these beautiful animals are virtually blind, they could no longer navigate their way along the river. We all know what economic progress is doing in terms of polluting the river to death as well, so these beautiful animals stood NO CHANCE. They have been gobbled up by the machine.

I want to see the end of civilisation as soon as possible, because this destruction of life cannot go on. We are destroying the earth who sustains us. Our children will not have a planet to sustain them. People who think iPods are the pinnacle of human evolution are in for a big surprise when this whole mess comes crashing down.

Read more about the late great Baiji, and listen to its mournful songs ...

11 December 2006


Reuters posted this image on the Planet Ark website.