Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell. Edward Abbey

04 January 2007

Back to the coal face

The holiday season has been a time of reflection, staying at home, taking long walks in the veld, ignoring computers and trying to stay away from the media [not always possible]. I enjoyed the summer solstice, which ended with a beautiful midsummer sunset. I spent a lot of time immersed in nature and managed to get my hands and feet covered in earth a couple of times, while working in the garden.

The image above was taken by me, just before the December break, but thought it matched the theme of today's post rather well.

I also had a close encounter with a deadly succulent. [Don't ever break off a branch of Euphorbia Ingens, the plant is toxic! I spent about 15 hours in agony, after its milky latex squirted into my right eye, burning the inside of my eyelid and temporarily blinding me. It was a scary moment. Don't mess with plants!!!]

But now I am rested and ready to face the challenges of our crumbling civilization, as it hopefully enters the death throes of its destructive existence.

I have started a journey to seek like-minded people in my immediate surroundings. After spending much time in cyberspace, with some amazing, inspirational eco-anarchists who are based all around the world, I have learned much. But I have realised it's important to connect with local people too. If one is to take any effective action in changing the world, one has to start locally. And one needs to do so in a team, as part of a community. This is my focus for the next period in my life.

Speaking of seeking community, I have stumbled across a group of people who are mainly based in the nearby city of Jozi. They are centred around a vegan restaurant which holds regular movie nights, showing alternative films and documentaries. Through this group I have seen the launch of a web forum which may just be a good place to seek community: Let's see what comes of this. Go and check it out, and join in the discussions!

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