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08 January 2007

Bullfighting bleeds to death

AT LAST! According to a news report on the Mail and Guardian website, Spanish bullfighting is slowly bleeding to death. "Most people cannot imagine Spain without bullfights, but there are growing signs that the country's centuries-old fiesta nacional (national celebration) is on the decline. Not only are young people losing interest in the glittering and bloody spectacle, but even some of the authorities are beginning to feel embarrassed about this 'art'."


Barberton daisies and baby hoppers

My pic of the day, taken early this morning on the front stoep when Barberton daisies and baby grasshoppers welcomed me to a beautiful new day. I saw a bunch of little green things on the flower and took a closer look, expecting to see aphids or something and then I realised they were minute baby hoppers, surely newborn.

I wonder who has taken those little bites out of the petals?

And just look at the naughtly look in the eye of the little one sitting right in the middle of the bloom! [Click on the pic for a higher resolution version of the image, where you can see the glint in her eye.]

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