Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell. Edward Abbey

18 January 2007


It's happened, South Africa's power supply shortage hit today ... big time. I just ran out at lunchtime to buy some tofu and encountered non-functional traffic lights, long queues, and a supermarket with darkened aisles, defrosting freezers and tills running off a diesel generator.

My favourite comment of the day, as I left the supermarket, was from a west african diplomat who was complaining that she couldn't slice the loaf of bread she had just bought.

What have we come to, that we no longer remember how to slice bread with a breadknife?

Anyway, the next week is going to be fun, as our power monolith eskom warns of regular blackouts while the tripped turbine at koeberg power station is fixed. How I wish the whole place had tripped permanently.

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