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01 February 2007

Presidential respect for the environment

Mbeki's erecting a new security fence around Bryntirion, South Africa's presidential house and golf course, here in Tshwane.

So he gets the "troops" from the Dept of Public (sic) Works to come and mow down everything in sight: from succulents, to trees, to tortoises, so that he can feel more secure.

Why can't developers (government or otherwise) develop in harmony with the environment, instead of running roughshod over it? Hmmmmm?

Look at this poor kiaat that they cut down. That tree is, was, several decades old. They just f---ing smashed it over. The branches are lying some metres away.

Elsewhere along the koppie there is complete devastation as well. Now as far as I know, many of Pretoria's koppies are supposedly protected, including this one. You may not destroy plants on these koppies and if you do have to remove a plant or animal, it is supposed to be properly located.

But I guess if you're the president of the country or the government or whatever, then these rules don't apply.

I think author Derrick Jensen is spot on in his latest book Endgame when he outlines premises upon which civilization is based. I quote one of those below, with my comments inserted in colour:

Premise Five: The property of those higher on the hierarchy (in this case the president of a country) is more valuable than the lives of those below (in this case the trees and animals destroyed by the bulldozers). It is acceptable for those above to increase the amount of property they control—in everyday language, to make money—by destroying or taking the lives of those below (animals and trees in this case). This is called production. If those below damage the property of those above, those above may kill or otherwise destroy the lives of those below. This is called justice.

I hate this society, and all I can do is appeal to the respective departments, post the images to others who care about the environment and write letters to the editor. What more can be done? What more? There must be something more I can do to protect the earth!

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