Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell. Edward Abbey

12 February 2007

Tortoise flattened by truck

My weekend was somewhat marred by visiting the "proposed" development site of south africa's new department of foreign affairs HQ. (A development I have been opposing.)

The highlights of my walk included a flattened young tortoise, most likely killed by a truck (currently on site to conduct geotechnical surveys). Or the guilty party could be one of the dept of public works vehicles (which are currently up and down the veld installing an extended security fence around the presidency). See my earlier post on 1 Feb about this development (sic).

The tortoise died trying to cross a dirt track in the veld. S/he would have been clearly visible to the driver who just didn't bother to go around the poor animal. No, he had to drive right over her/him!

Just two months ago, this site was a relatively-intact wildlife refuge in the middle of a bustling city. Today it is starting to resemble a death camp.

There are bodies littered around the veld. Aloes, trees (some 20 and 50 years old), grasses and tortoise corpses lie scattered across the altar of development. Development - the god which is worshipped by all of civilisation, along with the holy ghost - science, and the son of man - economics; as usual joined forces to destroy nature.

What to do? What to do? What are you doing to save the planet? When your great, great granchildren ask you why you destroyed nature, what will be your answer?

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