Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell. Edward Abbey

26 March 2007

The body count rises

Yesterday was a little depressing. We took a walk in the veld, where Mbeki's R90-million security wall is being erected.

The holes for the posts have been dug. They are huge: about 1.5m deep and spaced a metre apart (see accompanying pic). The Dept of Public Works dug the holes 3 weeks ago and since then, nothing further has happened. (Maybe they are awaiting delivery of the imported fence?)

Needless to say, these holes are deathtraps to each and every dung beetle, snake, frog, tortoise and chameleon who happens to sidle past this part of the veld.

I have counted at the bottom of these holes: one dead snake, five dead frogs, 32 dead dung beetles and thousands of dead ants and other non-flying insects. Yesterday I managed to save 3 dung beetles and one wily old frog who managed to hang in there.

These poor animals fell into these holes and suffered a long and agonising death in the heat wave we've been experiencing (global warming anyone?).

How I hate this death culture in which I live. The sooner civilisation crumbles the better. Roll on endgame, roll on peak oil.

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