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15 March 2007

Thank you Justice Moseneke

Speaking at the opening of the Out in Africa film festival this month, Justice Dikgang Moseneke make an astounding speech in which he thanked the lesbian, gay, transexual, bisexual and generally queer community for advancing jurisprudence in south africa.

He added, "It's important to acknowledge the long history in this country, and in many other countries, of the marginalisation and persecution of gays and lesbians, to reassert their right to live just as well as everybody else. And it was an important assertion in an environment that was not exactly always friendly.

"All those struggles around the rights of gay and lesbian people have in many ways allowed the court and allowed our Constitution and many other people to be able to express themselves on issues of equality. We actually owe a great debt to gays and lesbians in this country, certainly around equality issues.

"I was at pains to suggest that if you sought to exclude people from making choices that they find appropriate in their own lives, you are probably much further away from your convictions, from compassion and from the understanding that each one of us has a right to be different. Each one of us has a right to live a full life without a need to apologise."

Anyway, I think it's really cool to hear such open-minded comments, from a man who operates within the patriarchy of African governance. I just wish more men in this country could think things through like this. Moseneke also commented on the second class citizen status of women in south africa. You go brother!

Oh the full article is available on M&G's website ...

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