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25 July 2007

"Husky Chainsaw killer" walks free

Phillip Matthysen, 31, who beheaded his Husky puppy with a chainsaw, has had his sentence suspended in full.

According to Beeld newspaper, Matthysen, a marketing consultant from Sundra admitted in a packed court that he had committed the gruesome "murder" and said through his lawyer that he had sawn the dog's head off with the petrol-driven chainsaw in a fit of anger. Matthysen committed the crime in February after his four-month-old pup chewed through a cable running to his security fencing, and killed an exotic parrot.

But this man calmly walked to his chainsaw, filled it with petrol and asked his accomplice to hold down the puppy. This seems quite a premeditated procedure to me?

Nevertheless, although Matthyusen was sentenced to 12 months in prison or a fine of R10 000, the full sentence was conditionally suspended for five years.

If you, like me, are outraged at this, visit one of the following amazing South African websites and get involved in animal justice today:

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