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31 July 2007

Nike does the right thing for a change

Michael Vick is a big man. He's a hero to many. He is such a big, strong man that he gets off on dogfighting. Then, as recent allegations claim, he leaves the battered animals to die.

You love to glorify these bullies don't you?

The indictment against him claims that the dogfighting ring allegedly financed by Vick "executed underperforming dogs by drowning, hanging, shooting, electrocution and other brutal means".

Michael Vick is the American-fucking-dream. He is an Atlanta Falcons quarterback. A TRUE HERO. An empire-style, modern day gladiator in the arena of the National Football League.

It was with elation and much surprise that I learned this morning that Nike has actually done the right thing and suspended Michael Vick's contract without pay, and will not sell any more Michael Vick product at Nike-owned retail at this time.

This is surely a victory for animal rights. Once again the outcry was led by PETA who with its supporters put immense pressure on Nike to stop supporting the bully pending the outcome of this case.

So, get your thumb out of your butts and support PETA, support IFAW, support Sea Shepherd, support Uncaged. Stop watching TV and start doing something about the sorry state of this planet!

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