Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell. Edward Abbey

25 September 2007

Guerilla gardening

I've been thinking about guerilla gardening and I love the concept. It refers to growing food on urban land, with or without the consent of the "landowner".

The urban poor, along with the indigenous people of the world, have to be the most maligned people on the planet. And they go hungry ... so some of these hungry people are making a plan. The South Central Gardeners in LA are a classic example. They have events like "Bringing Food to the Hood- Organic produce".

There have been running battles with the attack dogs of landowners ie the police who want to seize their gardens and sell the land off for development, but the local community has fought them off.

There are gardens on open land just outside Pretoria, but here in the city centre where I work, open plots are either used as parking lots or dumping grounds. How deranged is that?

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