Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell. Edward Abbey

29 October 2007

Africa staffs the West

Less than 10% of doctors trained in Zambia since its independence in 1964 are still in the country: the other 90% have migrated, mainly to Europe and the United States. No less staggeringly, there are more Sierra Leonean-trained doctors in Chicago alone than in the country itself and cash-strapped Benin provides more medical professionals to France than there are in the whole of its own health system.

Brilliant but tragic article in the M&G ...

05 October 2007

101 reasons why I hate fences

This includes physical fences and psychological fences. The fence shown in the image
resulted in a long and painful death endured by the most exquisite python.


Why did she have to die like this?

I guess because we humans decided that we have to fence off properties we believe "belong" to us. We've decided animals should be "restricted" to certain areas we call "conservation" areas. Fuckit. It all stinks as far as I am concerned.

And then there are the barriers of the mind. Of my god and are we human animals good at creating those! We've become so good at building walls in our minds that we live our lives in total isolation from nature, reality the real world. We constantly close windows and switch on air conditioners. That way we don't even have to deal with temperature variations any more.

Global warming anyone?

"Oh don't worry about THAT, my home is air-conditioned, so I don't have to worry about global warming."

Okay, okay, it's becoming patently obvious that I am sick and tired of sitting in a windowless, airless office 8 hours a day, five days a week.

Like the python in the pic, I've gotta get out of this place. I just hope I can make it over the electric fence without getting zapped!

May this python's spirit embolden each and every human and nonhuman animal in this world to believe in freedom and fight for it.