Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell. Edward Abbey

14 July 2008

Let them eat oil

My fingers are crossed that a new revolution is about to sweep the globe. An anti-development, anti-economics, anti-expansion, anti-state revolution that takes us back to our communities. A revolution that allows us to control our own futures and have a say in the decisions that may destroy the landbases that feed us.

The crumbling west, the rising asian tigers and the "developing" world are all very different, and in very different stages of evolution, yet all depend on oil.

So may the oil run dry soon, very soon.

There are some exciting dissident actions emerging among very ordinary people. This makes me very happy.

This revolution MUST be televised. If not, the middle-class masses will miss it!

One more favourite site: "Rocks are slow moving spirits and they are all Elders. Rocks may seem cold and unfriendly but they’re not. You just need to be patient until they speak. The most talkative Rock Elder I know lives next to Grandmother Ash and, when the light is just right, he has a human face. I often look at him when I sit under Grandmother and he gives advice occasionally. He tells me to work slowly to build what I want. Be steady and firm in the basics so that the imagination and intuition can wander wherever they want and always have a safe home to return to."
Rock elders by Carol of the woods