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03 February 2009

Zam magazine publishes poem by JZ accuser

Khwezi has written a poem published in the Dutch magazine - Zam. The poem is called "I am khanga".

Khwezi is the woman who accused ANC leader Jacob Zuma of rape. After the trial, when Zuma was found not-guilty by the courts, his supporters hounded her out of the country. She sought and was granted exile in the Netherlands.

I am unable to find a direct link to the poem in the magazine (I think the contents of the latest issue are not yet available online). Fellow blogger - Kameraad Mhambi - has however provided the words of the poem here.

It makes for interesting reading. Please go and have a look, read and debate. Oh the poem is available on the AFRICA IS A COUNTRY blog site too.

Visit the Zam magazine website.

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