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18 June 2009

US uses old mafia law to nab green activists

The crackdown on eco-activists in the US in intensifying. Green activists can be sentenced to up to 8 years in prison for nonviolent civil disobedience. That may be for example doing tree sits to stop loggers from cutting down old growth forest.

This latest news takes the cake though. Apparently the "justice system" is using laws originally intended for the mafia to charge these brave people.

Read and weep ...

Could we be the generation that runs out of fish?

The process of trawlering is an oceanic weapon of mass destruction

says Johann Hari in The Independent

In the babbling Babel of 24/7 news – where elections, bailouts and beheadings blur into one long shriek – the slow-motion stories that will define our age are often lost. An extraordinary documentary released next week, The End of the Line, forces us to stop, and see. Its story is stark. In my parents' lifetime, we have killed 90 per cent of the world's fish. In my lifetime, we will finish off the rest – unless we change our ways, fast. We are on course to be the people who wiped fish from the earth.

Read the full article here ...

Ja, ja I know a blog is not supposed to be a rehash of news reports from the web but hell this guy says it so well and I just needed to link to it for posterity. Enjoy your sushi!

03 June 2009

What the whales need from us

The whale strandings and their subsequent executions on Kommetjie beach this past weekend have elicited many different and emotional responses from human animals. But not the responses I would like to see.

Just like the whale who swam up the Thames river about two years ago, these wonderful children from the sea came with a message for us. They literally laid their lives on the line screaming at us to pay attention to what we're doing to the oceans.

Pushing them back into what has become an inhospitable and toxic place for them is not what they need from us.

They are asking us to clean up our act. To stop oil and gas exploration using sonic booms that deafen them. These booms are causing whales to beach themselves because their primary method of orientation and communication - ie sound - has been destroyed.

They're asking us to stop corporations from dumping “at the smallest, 5,000,000 gallons per day of toxins…everything from benzene, acrylic nitrile, mercury, copper, you name it, they got it.” In 1997, the US Academy of Sciences estimated the total input of marine litter into the oceans, worldwide, at approximately 6.4 million tons per year. Source:

Then there's the shipping traffic, nuclear tests and god knows what else going on in the oceans.

Let's start listening to these most beautiful of beings, these ancients of the ocean. One of the country's leading animal communicators and my teacher was on the beach with the dying whales and she had this to say afterwards:

"They chose the Cape beach so as not to have to navigate the stormy, rough seas around Cape Point in their weakened state, and because they want humans to witness (the) whales’ dying. On the bigger/planetary level too. They said “the Mother” (the ocean) is being poisoned, and so are they. It’s time humans woke up to this and witnessed the effects.

"They predicted that there will be more strandings in the next moon cycle (which I found interesting given that the International Whaling Commission sits again in the last week of June apparently.)

"The whales appreciate the compassion and care that people showed in trying to return them to the water, but would have wished to be given the choice, i.e. pointed out to sea/re-floated once, and then left to die in peace if and when they returned."

Another well known interspecies communicator had this to say:

"Most of us take the ocean and her children for granted. The whales are calling for us to pay attention."


Jeez, when and how did humans become so selfish and so damn stupid?

Biowatch wins

I have unconfirmed reports that the Constitutional Court ruled in favour of Biowatch. Will confirm as soon as possible. But if so, this is great news!

Groundbreaking Biowatch case before the ConCourt today

Judgement in the Biowatch case is expected in South Africa's highest legal forum, the Constitutional Court, at 10 am on 3 June 2009. Biowatch is an NGO dedicated to lobbying for sustainable agriculture, biodiversity, food sovereignty and the rights of small farmers.

BioWatch took on the ARC, the state and Monsanto in this instance. Now we await the final decision ... is the ConCourt earth-friendly or not???

As soon as I have access to the judgement, I will post it here, as South Africa's corporate media is unlikely to give it much prominence.

More about the case here: