Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell. Edward Abbey

29 July 2009

Pollsmoor prisoners and their cats

TTouch doyen Linda Tellington-Jones has a wonderful story on her blog at the moment, about the cats of Pollsmoor Prison, some of who were originally rescued from Robben Island and thus literally followed in the footsteps of our beloved Madiba.

Some of the prisoners actually throw sheets out their windows so that the cats can climb up and into their prison cells. Once there they befriend the cats and share their food with their new friends. Read more ...

The article is also a tribute to animal lover Rita Brock who made this whole project possible. The full article appears in the latest issue of Cat Fancy magazine.

21 July 2009

When an empire crashes the lesbians take over

This title is not as far fetched as it may seem. In fact, just recently when Iceland went bankrupt and came tumbling down earlier this year, it was Johanna Sigurdardottir who was brought in as prime minister to pick up the pieces. She is the modern world's first openly gay leader.
Boudicea statue

The pale men in suits (ie the government of Iceland) ran like wimps (resigned) when Iceland crashed and it was a modern day Boudicea - Sigurdardottir and a cabinet comprising 50% women leaders - who were brought in to clean up the mess.

Thanks to Diana on the dj forum for sharing this astounding info!

Let me not get too carried away however. There is a dark cloud to this silver lining. Iceland has long resisted joining the EU. Their currency was strong and their natural geysers provide free electricity. Their environment is flawlessly clean.

They had no reason to tie themselves to the shackles of the EU. There are political commentators who view the crash of Iceland as being a coordinated manoeuvre by the suits/elites in Europe to force Iceland to join the EU, so that they (the elites) can plunder it.

This is coming to pass as we speak. I wish the women running Iceland right now would reconsider this issue!

Saving Iceland from plunderers website ...

11 July 2009

John Zerzan: On Modernity & the Technosphere

Anarcho-primitivist John Zerzan explores the link between civilis/zation and campus massacres.

Remember: time and technology are NOT neutral scientific realities, but as Zerzan has asserted, they are carefully constructed means of enslaving people.

07 July 2009

Animal lab goes underground

Listen to this one ... the University of Iowa will build an underground animal laboratory to fend off attacks from "animal rights extremists" (sic).

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. One good thing is that the animal abusers will have to spend more money building these damn labs now.

Amazing images from Honduras

This image from the recent stand-off at Toncontin Airport in Honduras really moved me.

Ordinary people came to greet ousted President Zelaya (a friend of Hugo Chavez and Raoul Castro) as he tried to return to the country.

His plane flew over the airport a couple of times before aborting its landing attempts and headed for Managua, Nicaragua. The plane was not given permission to land as military personnel and vehicles blocked the runway.

Another day, another police crackdown, another military coup, another clampdown, the lowdown, the breakdown. Sigh!

02 July 2009

Taking ownership of my slave ancestry

I'm a white South African woman who takes daily responsibility for all that apartheid was and is. I have apologised and still do apologise for it. I take responsibility for all that western civilisation - spearheaded by the global, corporate white elite - is doing to the planet, to indigenous people, to animals and to the fast diminishing wilderness.

But I am also a woman and my sexual preference is not that of the majority. So on two counts I intimately understand discrimination. Therefore I distance myself from the perpetrators who continue to deny any wrongdoing. I side with the indigenous, with the four legged ones, the winged ones and the tree people. I have always aligned myself with human and non-human slaves.

As such, it was with great relief that I finally traced the slave heritage that I instinctively know courses through my veins. This has also come to me in visions and dreams. By the way, it is ironic that those who could claim slave "stamouers" would be far greater among the coloured and white people of South Africa, than among the black people of South Africa.

My slave ancestry is compliments of the "stammoeder" Angela of Bengal, who was shipped from the Bay of Bengal in India to the Cape. In 1655 she was first "bought" by Jan van Riebeeck and later "sold" to Fiscal Abraham Gabbema. On 13 April 1666 Gabbema signed a document which would lead to Angela's freedom. She was the third person to be freed from slavery at the Cape. She subsequently married Arnoldus Willemsz Basson and their descendants are people with surnames like Bergh, Basson and De Wet.

Angela's daughter Anna de Coningh (or de Koningh) is the stammoeder of 90% of the De Wets in SA. As such, I can safely assume that my paternal grandmother - who was born Bertha de Wet - has passed down slave heritage to me.

So with that in mind, what am I do to fight for the slaves in the world today. I recently read a quote that there are more slaves in the world today than at any other time in history. And they were refering only to human slaves. There are also billions of non-human slaves, bound, gagged and caged in zoos, feedlots, tree farms and laboratories. I owe it to Angela of Bengal and Anna de Koningh to fight back.
By the way, the Cape received their slaves mainly from the Indian Ocean basin, since that was the trading domain of the VOC. Initially the Dutch captured slaves, who came from West Africa, on the sea from other slaving nations.

According to : "Later on slaves starting arriving in ship loads. The first of these arrived 28 March 1658 at the Cape on board the ship Amersfoort, with 174 slaves from Angola. Slaves came from Guinea, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, East Indies, Abyssinia, Mozambique, Madagascar, Japan and Angola and many other places.

"Unlike many other slave societies whose slaves were homogenous, the Cape had a real cosmopolitan slave population. The Cape was like the tower of Babel, with very diverse nationalities and languages. The slaves places of origin can mainly be divided in four equal part, Africa, Madagascar, Indian sub continent, and East Indies (Indonesia)."

Bengal remains a place of intrigue for me, especially in West Bengal where a tribal and Maoist movement has been fighting the Indian State. The people socially boycotted the police, and stopped them from buying foods and other essentials, which forced the police to leave their camps in the Lalgarh area making it a virtual free zone. I see a government offensive recently forced them out.

01 July 2009

47 rhinos poached in Kruger last 15 mths

45 white rhinos and two endangered black rhinos — have been poached in the Kruger National Park in the past 15 months, Water and Environment Minister Buyelwa Sonjica said in a report tabled yesterday.

I'm simultaneously horrified, but not surprised by these facts and figures.

Southern Africa - like anywhere on the planet where there still exists wilderness - is being plundered.

Less glamorous but no less worrying is the extermination of abalone on our coastlines, the genocide of the Knysna sea horses etc etc. (Seahorses are thought to have evolved at least 40 million years ago and have survived from ancient times with only very small changes in body structure or organ function.)

Read the Business Day report and weep!