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21 July 2009

When an empire crashes the lesbians take over

This title is not as far fetched as it may seem. In fact, just recently when Iceland went bankrupt and came tumbling down earlier this year, it was Johanna Sigurdardottir who was brought in as prime minister to pick up the pieces. She is the modern world's first openly gay leader.
Boudicea statue

The pale men in suits (ie the government of Iceland) ran like wimps (resigned) when Iceland crashed and it was a modern day Boudicea - Sigurdardottir and a cabinet comprising 50% women leaders - who were brought in to clean up the mess.

Thanks to Diana on the dj forum for sharing this astounding info!

Let me not get too carried away however. There is a dark cloud to this silver lining. Iceland has long resisted joining the EU. Their currency was strong and their natural geysers provide free electricity. Their environment is flawlessly clean.

They had no reason to tie themselves to the shackles of the EU. There are political commentators who view the crash of Iceland as being a coordinated manoeuvre by the suits/elites in Europe to force Iceland to join the EU, so that they (the elites) can plunder it.

This is coming to pass as we speak. I wish the women running Iceland right now would reconsider this issue!

Saving Iceland from plunderers website ...

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