Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell. Edward Abbey

31 August 2009

Live your life authentically - not as though you're watching it unfold on a screen before you

In short and simple article, Derrick Jensen makes the connection between hatred of women, hatred of nature and the death urge of modern civilisation. A masterpiece to be read and reread. Print it out if you must, do so on the back side of an already used sheet of paper. Read it whenever you are lost and need direction. I do.

"This is our culture's fundamental flaw. I don't see a tree, I see dollar bills. I don't see a river, I see kilowatts. I don't see a woman "this woman, standing in front of me. I don't see anything, but I project into this space where this woman would be standing, were she to exist, what I've been trained to see. I see a temptress, maybe, or a receptacle for my sex. Or maybe I see every woman who hurt me. The ones who said they loved me, then ran away, or the ones who said they loved me, then tried to change me. I cannot give my heart to someone I don't see, so I give it to no one. I don't give it to woman, man, salmon, tree, or frog."

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