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14 September 2009

Be worried, be VERY worried

Zuma's new God squad wants liberal laws to go

The National Interfaith Leadership Council, formed by Rhema church leader Ray McCauley and closely associated with President Jacob Zuma, flew its conservative colours this week, saying that it wants to revisit laws legalising abortion and same-sex marriages.

Last week the council (NILC) entered the debate about the ­Judicial Service Commission’s decision to drop its investigation into Western Cape Judge President John ­Hlophe. It attacked the challenge to the JSC by Freedom Under Law, chaired by former Constitutional Court judge Johann Kriegler, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s support for it, saying it could “only serve to further erode the integrity of the judiciary and undermine the confidence of the people in it”.

Read the full article by Mandy Rossouw and published in the M&G here ...

Tutu is the conscience of our nation. Lately he has been criticised by various quarters. Isn't it strange how the once left-wing of the ANC is becoming more and more reactionary and more and more conservative? Talk about counter-revolutionaries!!!

Hmmmm ...

I have lived under tyranny before and do not want to do so again.

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  1. Hi there Kim,
    The South African Pagan Rights Alliance has started a formal protest.
    The South African Pagan Council has nominated one of its members to the NILC - and of course, they are being stonewalled.
    Terri in Joburg