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08 September 2009

This is a real story - believe it or not

walmart workers beat shopper to death

There are several news articles about this incident, but I thought I should link to the one on International Supermarket News ('priceless' name!), where they describe the incident as follows:

"A woman at a Wal-Mart branch in Jingdezhen, China, was beaten to death by staff members who suspected her - merely suspected her - of stealing. Wal-Mart has made no comment on this incident." - link.

The woman, 37 year old Yu Xiaochun, was followed by five workers after making a purchase at the supermarket, as they suspected her of stealing. The Wal-Mart workers stopped her and demanded the receipt. She refused because they were not wearing the walmart uniform and did not properly identify themselves, They proceeded to beat her.

She died two days after the incident and 2 of the 5 walmart employees have been arrested for the incident.

Let me take this opportunity to remind you of 2 of the Endgame premises:

"Premise Five: The property of those higher on the hierarchy is more valuable than the lives of those below ... If those below damage the property of those above, those above may kill or otherwise destroy the lives of those below. This is called justice."

"Premise Thirteen: Those in power rule by force, and the sooner we break ourselves of illusions to the contrary, the sooner we can at least begin to make reasonable decisions about whether, when, and how we are going to resist."

Full list here.

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