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02 September 2009

W Cape baboons need just 5 mins of your time to save their lives

Please take five minutes to sign Wynter Worsthome's petition to save Bart and other "dispersing" male baboons trapped in the little tail of land known as the Cape Peninsula.

Sign the petition here:

The authorities have ended the contract with Baboon Matters who have for the past 11 years seen to the monitoring of the baboons in this area.

The powers that be are going to cull, "euthanase" ie shoot, these guys. if we don't do anything about it The petition calls instead for these baboons to be translocated to wilderness areas where they have a chance of establishing their own troops.

If you live in Cape Town, please email the mayor now: Mayor.Mayor[at] and ask them to done the right thing and translocate Bart and his buddies instead.

Amazing baboon photos:

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