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04 December 2009

Light a candle for the bull tomorrow 12 to 3pm

News has just come through that the ukweshwama ritual bull murdering ceremony will go ahead in Kwa-Zulu Natal tomorrow 5 December.

Please think of this individual bull tomorrow. I'm not sure if lighting a candle is enough to help him through the experience? Perhaps we animal activists need to think about getting ourselves to the sites of such unnecessary, cruel killings and doing whatever it takes to physically stop the murder.

The time of polite letters and battling in court rooms is over. But the time to take a stand and stop such cruel practices being inflicted on non-human animals everywhere has come.

Culture and tradition must change. These things are not set in stone. They have never been.

I include below, the ARA press release ...

For Immediate Release: 4 December 2009


Animal Rights Africa (ARA) is extremely disappointed that the Judge ruled against us. We are also saddened and frustrated that the Respondents refused to allow ARA to monitor and document the ukweshwama ritual.

ARA has not seen the Judgment as yet but we will be studying it with a view to what our next steps will be. It is a sad fact that attempts at dialogue with the Zulu Royal Household, the Commission on and the relevant government departments fell on deaf ears and that this issue landed up in the courts. ARA will also continue to seek dialogue on this issue and we therefore call on all these entities and the ANC to urgently facilitate such dialogue.

That ARA lost this case is distressing to us, however this pales into insignificance for us in comparison to the fact that the fate is sealed for the innocent bull that will be used in the ritual tomorrow.

As part of a global movement that cuts across all continents, all cultures all ethnic and racial groups, ARA will continue to work for compassion, respect, dignity and inclusive justice.

We ask that people across South Africa, Africa and the world that have shown concern for the fate of this particular bull light a candle between 12pm and 3pm tomorrow (Saturday 5th December) and spend the day in reflection and introspection, in solidarity and compassion with this particular bull.

Contact persons for ARA:

Steve Smit +27 (0) 82 659 4711

Michele Pickover +27 (0) 82 253 2124

ARA email -

ARA website –

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" Martin Luther King

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