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11 December 2009

Thank you Joao Silva you are still one of my heroes

So the ANC won again and "our" president attended the cruel Ukweshwama ceremony in Nongoma last weekend.

Experts have always said that a nation that abuses animals, also abuses women, children and the weak. Well here's proof of why SA has one of the highest rape and child abuse rates in the world.

Jacob Zuma, wake up and change the course of history now, before it's too late. This kind of behaviour is abhorrent and belongs to a previous era. Stop supporting such outdated practices. This ceremony fell away several years ago and I have no idea why it was revived. Kings should be sent to the corridors of history and so should their bizarre and abusive ceremonies.
It's as bad as the practice of testing young women's virginity using a kudu horn. DESPICABLE! It's as bad as colonisation, slavery, land grabs, genocide against the indigenous, the domination of alternative viewpoints by the juggernaut that is western civilisation etc etc.

Finally to photographer Joao Silva who took this shot, for The Mercury, you are still and always will be one of my heroes. It's guys like you and your bang bang buddies who are the conscience of the nation and are brave enough to be there and capture the moment so that the rest of us can see what happened and question ourselves and what we are doing right now to change the horrible, horrible state of our 2010 nation!

You can visit the website of the brave people of Animal Rights Africa, if you have the stomach for seeing some more photos of the cruel and unnecessary murder that took place in Nongoma last weekend.

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