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11 March 2010

FIFA looting South Africa?

Here's an alternative view of the world cup and its impact on South Africans by an outsider:

The South Africa World Cup: Invictus in Reverse
You see it the moment you walk off the plane: a mammoth soccer ball hanging from the ceiling of Johannesburg International Airport festooned with yellow banners that read, "2010 Let's Go! WORLD CUP!" If you swivel your head, you see that every sponsor has joined the party ...

By the way, if you are in Durban you can join the author Dave Zirin ata seminar:

The University of KwaZulu-Natal Centre for Civil Society Seminar welcomes you to a seminar on Friday:

Topic: Fifa's Looting of South Africa
Speaker: Dave Zirin
Date: Friday, 13 March 2010
Time: 12:30–14:30

Venue: Memorial Tower Building F601, Howard College (NEW LOCATION: CCS's new quarters atop Durban's highest building)

Dave Zirin is one of the world's greatest social commentators on sports, and has authored four books, including A People's History of Sport in the United States. He writes for The Nation, Huffington Post Sports Illustrated, and many other outlets, and is a regular television and radio commentator. His visit to South Africa is sponsored in part by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and Harold Wolpe Trust, and on 11 March he appears twice at the UKZN Centre for Creative Arts Time of the Writer festival honouring his late friend Dennis Brutus (noon and 5:30pm). Zirin will comment on the new documentaries "Trademark 2010" and "Fahrenheit 2010", and describe his experience with "Bad Sport", i.e. when commodification and commercialisation destroy the grace and art of sport - and how civil society can resist.

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