Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell. Edward Abbey

30 June 2010

Goodbye José Saramago - a hero

 I am saddened at the passing of José Saramago, who I consider one of the people who has most influenced my thinking and is therefore one of the people responsible for opening my eyes.

He once said: "Is a world in which fewer than 300 people own as much as the poorest 40% a great achievement?"

I keep asking people that question in various ways, but I always get the same answer: "But I cannot do anything about it. The problem is too great for just one person to solve." Or, "I'll sign the petition, but then I have to get on with my job otherwise my boss will complain that I'm not working." etc etc

Ho hum.

Good bye Saramago and thank you for sharing your soul with us.

09 June 2010


What is this "reality" that everyone's talking about?

Username, user experience, user user user culture.
Forgot your username, forgot your culture.
Make a new way. Follow a new path.

It's so tiring staring at a screen all day.
It's so trying to scream in silence all day.
Why whould one be willing to sacrfice?

Reality. Reality bites. Virtual reality.
Socialising means chatting to friends on a screen.
Scream. Scream. Stare.

Mommy let's go play in the park!
Okay son let's go. Mommy look I'm climbing the tree.
Yes son.

Mommy you're not looking, you're staring at that screen.
Blackberry is more important. Virtual life is more interesting.
Than watching my son climb a wise old fig tree.

Around trees. Elders. Trees. Acacias. Trees.
Free the trees. Seringas, knobwood, paperbark, hear your heart.
Heartwood. Heart would ... lemon wood.

By Kim

03 June 2010

“Do It! Scenarios of the Revolution”

“A dying culture destroys everything it touches and language is one of the first things to go. Words have lost their emotional impact and intimacy, their ability to shock.” Jerry Rubin

Andy Rice has really impressed me with his writing on the Daily Maverick. it's amazing how many wonderful writers we have in South Africa when they are given free reign to write about what really matters and not just what the advertisers.government/corporations.theANC wants them to write about.

Viva Daily Maverick!

More resources on just how powerful language can be, especially once we start listening to the non-human or more-than-human world. Here are some good books on this subject which is very close to my heart. (That phrase by the way is an example of words with meaning much greater than the words alone!)