Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell. Edward Abbey

03 June 2010

“Do It! Scenarios of the Revolution”

“A dying culture destroys everything it touches and language is one of the first things to go. Words have lost their emotional impact and intimacy, their ability to shock.” Jerry Rubin

Andy Rice has really impressed me with his writing on the Daily Maverick. it's amazing how many wonderful writers we have in South Africa when they are given free reign to write about what really matters and not just what the advertisers.government/corporations.theANC wants them to write about.

Viva Daily Maverick!

More resources on just how powerful language can be, especially once we start listening to the non-human or more-than-human world. Here are some good books on this subject which is very close to my heart. (That phrase by the way is an example of words with meaning much greater than the words alone!)

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