Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell. Edward Abbey

09 June 2010


What is this "reality" that everyone's talking about?

Username, user experience, user user user culture.
Forgot your username, forgot your culture.
Make a new way. Follow a new path.

It's so tiring staring at a screen all day.
It's so trying to scream in silence all day.
Why whould one be willing to sacrfice?

Reality. Reality bites. Virtual reality.
Socialising means chatting to friends on a screen.
Scream. Scream. Stare.

Mommy let's go play in the park!
Okay son let's go. Mommy look I'm climbing the tree.
Yes son.

Mommy you're not looking, you're staring at that screen.
Blackberry is more important. Virtual life is more interesting.
Than watching my son climb a wise old fig tree.

Around trees. Elders. Trees. Acacias. Trees.
Free the trees. Seringas, knobwood, paperbark, hear your heart.
Heartwood. Heart would ... lemon wood.

By Kim

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